(Biography) Jolly boy freeze

My name is Daniel Terngu Monday
Professionally known as Jolly Boy Freeze,
I was Born in makurde town, Benue state,
In 23 December 2001, brought up in Abuja FCT by my grandparents and my Mother, Born from a Christian family.
I started my music career while singing and rapping in the secondary school, I attained my primary school in Abuja FCT,
While secondary school at Benue state.
In 2019, I and my friends Emmyswagz, Jeznick, and Ekyno, we form a group called JEJE . The group’s name is a Combination of the first letters of our stage names. They I signed a record deal with Supreme Star Entertainment shortly when I released a track “Shaku shaku”. The party jam song was record by prize studio in Nasarawa State Karu . so that is how I started my journey to music industry in Nigeria.


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