Kiddwaya humbles self, pens heartfelt note to depressed fan

The popular reality star, Kiddwaya has taken a compassionate step at addressing a fan of his who sought comfort as a result of being depressed.

In a recent question and answer session involving the mental health of fans of the billionaire’s son, a follower shared his problem involving a robbery incident.

“Being suffering with depression don’t know how to talk to someone about it,” the fan wrote in response to Kiddwaya’s question that reads ‘Let’s talk about mental health.’


In response, the entrepreneur wrote;

“it sounds like you have been traumatized and you have lost trust in people. Identify what about that experience makes you depressed.

For example, did he hold a weapon to your head? Was it financial loss? Write it down on a piece of paper then write down solutions around it. As the days go by you will slowly find out that you are the solution to your problems.”

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