“Nigerian love is becoming too expensive” – Reno Omokri on why Nigerian men marry older white women

Popular Nigerian author and lawyer, Reno Omokri has opened up on the actual reason some young Nigerian men prefer marrying older white women to marrying young Nigerian ladies.

Contrary to the popular opinion that Nigerian men go after older white women for acquisition of resident permit or paper jobs, the ex-Presidential aide is of the opinion that the high cost of getting married in Nigeria is the actual reason.

He said unless the “society undergoes ethical revolution, more and more Nigerian men will prefer to marry foreign wives.”

He tweeted, “Nigerian women complain that too many young Nigerian men are marrying older White women. It is not always paper job. Have you seen the marriage list some Nigerian women give men? It is enough to make a man impotent! Some Nigerian love is becoming too expensive.

It is easier to get finance for romance in Nigeria than to get finance for business.

Our society needs an ethical revolution. If this prevailing trend of no romance without finance continues, more and more Nigerian men will prefer to marry foreign wives!”

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