General Gowon left with half of the Central Bank – Member of UK Parliament says (video)

The UK parliament on Monday November 23, discussed an appeal trying to force sanctions on Nigerian Government authorities associated with the shooting episode that happened during the Endsars fight in Lekki on October 20.

The discussion originated from an appeal began by Silas Ojo. The appeal gathered in excess of 220,000 signatories, crossing the 100,000 imprint required for a request to be bantered by the officials.

Anyway one of the features of the discussion was second an individual from the parliament encouraged his administration to put sanctions on Nigerians who escape to the UK with not well gotten abundance. He likewise talked about Nigeria’s previous military ruler, Yakubu Gowon’s supposed plundering of the National Bank of Nigeria.

He said;

“What we are seeing in Nigeria today is part of that story. It is a tragedy we are all witnessing because we see things falling apart.

“The problem this time is not foreign pressure known as colonialism. The pressure instead is corruption and violence and attempts at control (of power).

“We need to call out the corruption, we need to use the powers that we have in this country to stop those who are profiting from the wealth of that great nation and hiding it here.

“Now some people will remember when general Gowon left Nigeria, he took half of the Central Bank, so it is said, and moved to London.

“We know today, even now in this great city of ours, there are sadly some people who have taken the wealth of Nigerian people and hidden their ill-gotten gains here.

“We know that our banks sadly have been used for that profit or that illegal transfer of asset and that means that the UK is in a unique position in being able to actually do something to really exert pressure on those who have robbed Nigerians.”

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