Reasons Facebook and Google removes conspiracy videos.

Now, wondering reasons Facebook and google company’s removes videos which they think are conspiracy right.

You don’t need to be bothered anymore of what it means. I will educated you on reasons Facebook and google removes videos on that platforms.

But before then,

Have you ever uploaded a video to Facebook or Google YouTube for people to view either your thought or that of another person and you gets turned down or perhaps got removed by Facebook, Google or YouTube after couple of views.

Hey, I know this may sound somehow, cos getting people to view your YouTube views ain’t that easy and then you have Google removed it.

This may be your last time of feeling bad about such incidence because I will educate you on reasons Facebook, google, YouTube removes some videos or posts which from their platform.

Four Reasons Facebook, YouTube removes viral.

  1. Conspiracy videos

Your contents gets removed from Facebook or YouTube after couple of days because they feel the video is a conspire.

The feeling is usually this content is not in line with our policy or it goes against Facebook and YouTube policy, terms and conditions.

So, even after have couple of views or high views on a particular upload on Facebook or YouTube, the removal is very high.

Just recently, Facebook and YouTube removed a viral covid-19 conspiracy vidoe.

The video had the title “plandemic” and was published on YouTube.

Yeah, it got over 2 million views in few hours, but the video was later reported to be an abuse, insult and mislead against the current pandemic.

  1. Puts us all at risk

Videos, images, contents that put human at risk are pulled down just to maintain safety in the Society.

This is surely one of the reasons Facebook and YouTube removes a particular vidoe or content.

  1. Health risk

Do you know that lot of messages could put a person at a high risk?


So, you don’t know (surprised)

Yes, when a particular platform carries a message about a particular thing and another set of People of group of persons passes the one that is either against or not rich to the level of the first information.

This puts human health at risk, because they might use a different prescribed method.

Take for instance.

Are you here with me. I know you are following.

Looking at ways to prevent covid-19 which are;

Regular washing of hand with hand sanitizer
Social distancing
Covering of the nose with nose mask and other recommendations.

It puts health at risk when another set of people

pass wrong information about coronavirus prevention

Wrong covid-19 information may be

Covid-19 is fake

Covid-19 doesn’t affect the black

Social distancing doesn’t help in coronavirus prevention.

You could now see that there is accurate information and there is also a misconception about a concept.

  1. Family risk

Your family may become at risk if they gets wrong information about a thing which is not how the content presented it.

YouTube and Facebook do not want your family at risk and for that reason, they take measure to fight and ensure that there is a user safety on their platform.

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